About House of G, LLC

Where did the House of G come from?

House of G was created originally as the House of Grice after Jeff Grice's parents house.  The Grice house was the flop house, the "safe" house, the come one come all house, the be yourself house - the no one cared what your background, skin color or monetary status was - if you were a Good person it showed and that was all that was cared about. 

So, with this Attitude of Acceptance and Gratitude for each other we created the House of G.  Wanting our company to represent more than just the Grice's we learned via Leafly.com that one of the oldest strains of cannabis comes from Tibet, the Tibetan symbol for Gratitude is simply the letter "G". So, there you have it The House of Gratitude.  

Our goal is that one day you see someone with a House of G logo hoodie or t-shirt and know you are amongst friends.  If they are pulled over with a flat tire you won't hesitate to help them out. 

So why CBG, well other than the marketing value of the "G"?  It's the research being done - CBG is being found to connect directly with the exterior of the CB1 & CB2 receptors where CBD promotes the production of the endocannabinoids within your body to connect.  CBG kind of "cuts out the middle man" and where CBD might not feel like it works for some we are finding the CBG products do.

So in conclusion, 

Grand Gestures Generate Generous Green Ganja Grice Gratitude and the list will Go on with positive G words and names.


Thank you for all of your support and believing in G