Testimonial Reviews

"On my honor, this stuff works. I have used it everyday on my leg for pain relief. Then one day it got hidden in my mess of stuff. I didn't use it for almost 2 weeks. All that trauma (broke my femur with ripping a muscle and my PCL out) I did to my leg came back. This stuff is no joke and now I have my husband and brother using it. This stuff works!"

-Β Rachel Brinkman

"I have tried the CBG 1500mg roll on and it's amazing for my inflammation on my spine. Once I apply it, it doesn't take long to notice a difference. I'm glad House of G makes CBG so easy to get in so many different forms."

- Noe Carne

"I suffer from inflammation on my face when my allergies flare up and I was given this sample from a friend. After about three days I noticed a significant difference in swelling and inflammation, especially under my eyes. I also tried the icy pain stick and was a huge fan. I plan to purchase again soon. Thank you for the relief!"

- Lisa Owens

"I suffer from back pain daily, I first tried the CBG Icy Releaf stick about 3 days ago when given a sample from a friend. I have used it every day since. Will definitely be purchasing when my sample runs out!!"

ο»Ώ- Tara Lynn